Part 1, project 2 monochrome studies

Are these instructions particularly obtuse or do I have the wrong language chip installed? Anyway, the task was to take two A3 sized sheets (conveniently side by side in my sketchbook); apply a dark wash to one and a light grey wash to the other. As I didn’t have any of the suggested colours to make the first (and also may not have twigged that ‘wash’ meant ‘transparent’) the dark side is a mix of Royal & Langnickel student grade cyan blue and lamp black, and the grey is this mixed with Liquitex heavy body titanium white. Next, came the … Continue reading Part 1, project 2 monochrome studies

Part 2, Project 3, exercise 4

Monochrome which I’ve discovered at this late stage in life, doesn’t mean black and white, it means mono [one] chrome [colour]. I’ve tackled a jug and an onion on a plain white surface with a white background. I’ve been watching Platon (Antoniou)  [Abstract: the art of design; Netflix] whose photography is stark and through that, more revealing than it might otherwise be, and found myself nudged in that direction. It didn’t extend to my treatment of the image unfortunately so I’ll need to go a few more rounds with this idea. First the sketch which mapped out the shadows but … Continue reading Part 2, Project 3, exercise 4