Part 1, project 2 overlaying washes

For some reason, the instructions for this task became more impenetrable the more I read them. I’ve done something but whether it meets the brief or not, I can’t be sure. I also used the products of this exercise as the base for the next one – opaque colour mixing – so I had direct comparisons.

Colour wash exercise – graded tones top to bottom (ultramarine) and bottom to top (violet) using student grade acrylics.

The second part involved mixing the main colours with white to increase opacity. I used the right hand side of the original washes for this to enable direct comparison.

The mixed colours are on the right (and on the far right I admit to going off piste with a palette knife). The white is Liquitex titanium.

I’m biased here; I like heft and texture rather than watery applications although I can see the value and it’s good to have the technique in my repertoire. I find the opaque versions more satisfying, more nuanced, more amenable to fracturing as on the far right. I feel done with this for now, which is not to say I find it redundant because techniques never are. I’ll probably come back to it when a need arises further along.

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