Figure drawing atelier – volume

This section contains some exercises using cubic simplifications of bodies to get a feel of volume. For some reason, these just throw me in that I find the detachment from a whole figure confusing and unrelatable. I skipped those and went on to a copy of an actual figure, this one by Geoffrey FlackĀ  (2015). Mine is in graphite pencil and again I found some success with the gridding. I’m particularly pleased with the angle of the head but oh that hand! I think I might resort to photographing the original and zooming in on-screen so I can actually see … Continue reading Figure drawing atelier – volume

Part 4, project 3, exercise 1 – basic shapes

The task is to use a model and to block in basic shapes as they sat. Lacking a model, I am using internet images and my own photographs. Rather than detail, I’m aiming at form using more gesture than measurement. This suits my way of perceiving shape; too much attention to that kind of detail and I lose track of the whole. Quick sketch of a seated figure via Bing. This is a sculpture listed by American Legacy Fine Arts, the artist’s name isn’t given. I’ve used black conte. I didn’t get the angle of the head, either from the … Continue reading Part 4, project 3, exercise 1 – basic shapes