Part 4, project 3, exercise 1 – basic shapes

The task is to use a model and to block in basic shapes as they sat. Lacking a model, I am using internet images and my own photographs.

Rather than detail, I’m aiming at form using more gesture than measurement. This suits my way of perceiving shape; too much attention to that kind of detail and I lose track of the whole.

Quick sketch of a seated figure via Bing. This is a sculpture listed by American Legacy Fine Arts, the artist’s name isn’t given. I’ve used black conte. I didn’t get the angle of the head, either from the side or vertically, and the right arm is not quite where I need it, but for a five minute sketch, it feels like progress.


Another sculpture, this one by Daniel Ashman (2014) via Google search. Using conte, I tried the Henry Moore wire frame approach to find the volume in the limbs and the head. The head (again!) isn’t at the right angle, but I’m actually pleased with the shape of the trunk and also that I’ve managed to leave it quite empty.


This, using soft pastel, is part of the sequence of photos I took for the assignment using a mirror. Head yet again an issue but I’m pretty pleased with the posture and I think there’s a sense of weight.


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