Part 2, Project 1 – Composition 1

After faffing around with what might be called drafts, I’ve realised that only a couple meet the criteria for Part 2 Project 1 by being akin to compositions. I’ve posted them already but with multiple others that aren’t part of that set so now they’re here. This is honestly one of the most unimaginative compositions (to me, anyway) that I could have inflicted on myself and it shows. I used charcoal to render a basket filled with pebbles and a glass of water with cress from my pond. The result was even less attractive than the arrangement and, my the … Continue reading Part 2, Project 1 – Composition 1

The devil in the detail

Today I took a shot at a few different media, or different applications of media, with a black spoon, a fish bottle opener, and a pine cone on a plate with a black rim. As you do. First up, Sharpies. While the lines are clean they also leak through and of course they’re permanent which means that’s it, no erasing, no smudging, no change so it better be right first time.  I’m not sure I’m enough of an accurate first service hitter yet so I wasn’t happy with the result.  The charcoal made a difference for me; taking the images … Continue reading The devil in the detail

Part 1 Form and gesture

Project 1 Feeling and expression Exercise 1 Expressive lines and marks   I spent quite a long time figuring out what was required here – draw textures, rub textured items with a pencil, stick things onto the page and work with those? I did the dumb thing and drew the dead twig I’ve had in a pot for months. But it wasn’t about drawing, as such, was it? It was about making textures from textured things and experimenting with media and ways of subverting those to serve the image. I think. Top left is the neglected bit of door-frame, scratched … Continue reading Part 1 Form and gesture