How tall do you have to be to be an artist?

I’m asking because I’m currently up to the ears in A1 boards, flip charts, sketch paper, and a completely unwieldy portfolio. Art in 2018 seems to be considerably more physical than it was back in the day and I’m seriously compromised by dodgy shoulders, short arms, and inadequate legs. Not that I’m minute, I’m not. I’m of ‘average height for women’ – or I was but looking around I have a feeling that statistic may be out of date. Also, I’ve most likely reached the point where actual shrinkage is a thing. Vehicles have always been problematic with their layout suited to men with long limbs who don’t, of consequence, find the gear lever to be located under their armpit and the mirrors aligned with their ears. But art? Who knew this sort of physicality would be a requirement?

This series nearly finished me off yesterday, fun though it was. But as I’m not having to tear open the cats’ food pouches with my teeth I’ll count that a win.img_1625

I did engage in a bit of exploratory coffee-grounds action today though. Not being over- keen on the brown charcoal I’d hoped might bring out my inner da Vinci, I painted huge stripes of brown fluid over the sheet with a wide brush. I must say that wasn’t particularly successful either.



Nice wrinkles though, and conveniently aligned horizontally with the direction of roundness in the round things.

Reckon I’ll call it a day now and nip out for a walk. Bit of slap and a hat …



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