Routines and self preservation

This is mine:

  1. Domestic admin. This includes cat requirements, breakfast, and checking to see what world-grade awfulness I might be required to comment on via Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Go for a run or, if the weather is a bit feisty, a walk. [I draw the line at anything approaching apocalyptic horizontal rain or Zeus in a bad mood]
  3. Pick up the trail of social media biscuit crumbs I left earlier and that someone’s turned into explosively prevaricatory material.
  4. Lunch.
  5. Dwell on prevaricatory material.
  6. Prevaricate further by making lists.
  7. Put lists into a spreadsheet and maybe also OneNote.
  8. Add pictures because that’s research, right?
  9. Cup of tea.
  10. Shift cats off the desk/keyboard/large sheet of paper and wield an instrument of some sort at one of the three.
  11. Make at least one image to post on Instagram because if you don’t do that, your day didn’t exist.
  12. Pin the list up for tomorrow and beg Zeus for an intervention.

Obligatory image.



  • Went three rounds with that charcoal.
  • Still struggle with the elliptical nature of round surfaces in perspective – even ones with an uneven edge like this one.
  • The shell seems to have developed an eye.
  • Looks better in the photograph than in reality. I don’t think I do.


In a clearly inspirational approach to tackling my problem with ellipses, I turned the pot upside down. It probably helps but I need to do a lot more pots (that’s POTS) before I’m coming close.


  • Upside down seemed to give me licence to draw arcs as guides.
  • Caran d’Ache doesn’t erase, smudge, or blend. Unless that’s because it’s about half a century old and a bit set in its ways. I do like being able to scratch around with it though.
  • Photo is muted pinkish umberish. A lot of daylight has leaked out of the conservatory since the charcoal.
  • Probably should adult this post up and put it into the course work section. Not the prevarication element, obviously.


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