Final assignment for the Drawing module – in paint!

This module has taken eighteen months, partly due to my taking too seriously tutor advice to slow down, thereby missing a deadline. It means I need to finish the next two modules in the same time. No pressure then. The Drawing unit sets out the basics of mark-making with reference to still life, landscape, the human form, and – in my case – whales.┬áThis is a detail from the larger A1 piece, made in acrylics on white cartridge selectively prepared with layers of black and white gesso for substance and texture. There are nods here to Hambling, Turner, Klee, and … Continue reading Final assignment for the Drawing module – in paint!

Part 5 – personal project; sketches ideas #3

This image of humpback whales breaking the surface is one of those whose impact is not just in the sheer size of these animals but also their harmlessness – to anything larger than krill, that is. Until I began copying the photo, I’d thought there were three but began to realise that the cascade of water on the right and the deep, sucking swirls even further along are due to the huge open mouth of this ocean trawler and the massive, flexible bucket beneath its jaw; the mass creating its own microcosm of pools and deadly eddies. This was the … Continue reading Part 5 – personal project; sketches ideas #3