Part 1, mixing paint

Sometimes you just have to go back to basics. I’d skimmed over the paint mixing exercise, not quite seeing the point, then for all sorts of reasons I decided to revisit the early pages of the course materials. There on almost the first page was a grid of mixed colours – extensive, careful, neat; I very nearly turned the page. But after a bit of thought it seemed to me that this was the kind of thing I needed to be tackling. It’s not an identified exercise but I thought it would probably help when I moved onto the one … Continue reading Part 1, mixing paint

Part 2 exercise 2 -primary and secondary colour mixing

Again, I’ve rather strayed from the plot but not without gaining a bit of valuable experience. This is just one of several sheets, most using the lighter grey background but all both grasping and failing to grasp the purpose of the task. I have three kinds of yellow and two of red. Some of these are student grade (the second and third yellow and the second red – all Royal Langnickel) which means their pigment load is not high, and two are professional grade (first yellow and first red – both Winsor and Newton). The brightest yellow and deepest red … Continue reading Part 2 exercise 2 -primary and secondary colour mixing