Welcome to London; twinned with Arrakis since 2042

Heatwave driven and Dune informed, this is our future if we don’t get a grip.

Strayfish Arts

When you wake up to find you’ve told Alexa to remind you about ‘painting spreadsheets’, normally, you’d ask yourself what cheese you’d been eating last night. This time it was nothing so alimentary; it had dawned on me, connecting with something a tutor had said a while back about everything being ‘rather flat’, that I’ve been making very complex and detailed but essentially one dimensional paintings lately. No perspective, nothing round or shaped, just linear tracts of paint that wouldn’t be 3D unless you cut them out and danced them in front of the canvas like they did with the seas in puppet shows.

I have a piece on the back of something else that I stuck collaged vehicles onto, using mirror foil, tracing paper, and the paper that came off the back of the mirror foil. It’s a spreadsheet. So now I’m inventing ways to give it some substance…

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