Physical and digital art – a trail and the side of a house

First appearance of augmented reality at Steyning Arts trail? Probably!

Exploring Media

You could probably describe Steyning in west Sussex as a relatively affluent middle class market town. It has a history as a port in the 8th/11th century until the mouth of the Adur at Shoreham silted up and left it stranded. Before that it was a key player in the trade in textiles and spices from the far east, routing them on to London. Much of the town and surrounding villages is 15th – 17th century, and while it is quite arty, it is definitely not Brighton.

I took twenty pieces of work, some also as cards or artefacts. But the reason for this post is to describe and detail the underpinning of much of that work with augmented reality (AR) layers, and the use of both AR and greenscreen technology to supplement our publicity effort. The videos below are of work by the five other artists, plus my own…

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