Totally Fungible #5 – hippeastrum to you …

I was well into this before I remembered to take a snap. My Amaryllis is about to burst forth so I looked back through my photos for one in full flower to complete this set, the last of the tiny squinty canvas boards*

Photopaper collaged onto a gloss surface with a first wash of pink and a second of green. There’s some judicious flannelling top left to remove a little of the pigment, leaving some residue in the texture of the board; and I’ve added in a tiny clip of the text from a crop of the photo.

I’ve painted into this to add variety to the colour range – the original has one massive red flower sitting in a deep green background which is a wonderful photo but doesn’t make much of a painting unless you’re into clean, graphical images. I’ve also used some of the film from last time which gives it a jungle look – I’d buy a skirt in that material! There’s no 3D in this one, the plant itself has no frills and there’s very little about it that isn’t robustly solid in appearance so I don’t think that would be appropriate. I’m letting it settle now to see if it needs anything else, other than leaving alone.

So if anyone has a birthday – hippeastrum to you, hippeastrum to you; amaryllis hippeastrum, hippeastrum to you!

*I’ve found another of the little perishers!

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