Totally Fungible #4 – Pink flower

I’ve had to trawl my past photos for suitable subjects by which to despatch the final two eye-squinting, take-aim-from-a-yard-away, 8″ x 10″ canvas boards so I can’t name the pretty thing I’ve chosen this time. It required a vibrant pink background wash though, and there might be some burnt sienna to follow the random wiping with fingers and flannel. Is there such a thing as cute grunge?

Initial collage with the film transfer on the right.
Almost done. The flowers have become butterflies with a bit of judicious scissor-work, and I’ve painted into the collage again, this time with a green/yellow blend and with some white. I want to do some pen work when it’s dry to finish it off with areas of definition, although the glue may have other ideas!

One final 8″ x 10″ piece of eye-strain to go. Probably better be pink.

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