Totally Fungible #6 – baskets

By now we’ve all forgotten what the fungible thing is about, right? Well, to recap it’s the opposite of non fungible which has suddenly hit the headlines as NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens – ways of proving that you’ve bought a piece of digital art. The Totally Fungible series, as it’s become, is a response to that.

As I’m reasonably sure another 8″ x 10″ canvas board isn’t going to suddenly materialise, this is the last hurrah and it features a hanging basket tumbling with colour from a few years ago. There’s an orange wash on top of the gloss and at this stage, I’m just piling clips from the A4 photo and a small set of crops onto the board to describe the chaos of the tumble. I have a mind to make more blue and the orange is there to pop that out. Of course, that might change because, well, pink. There’s a lot of frill and fringe going on here because so many of the leaves are tiny and not at all ordered.

Touch of the pointilisms going on here now – little dots of colour to extend the tumble chaos of the flowers. Quite big points though. I have a sheet of film with paint transfer on it ready to deploy and in my experience with the previous paintings, this can change the overall impact of the piece completely.

This, in fact, is how my garden looks all summer – no semblance of order and a post right where you think you can stick your head to find the other side.

So, mission accomplished; all tiddly canvas boards fully occupied by media that are very much mixed, and a great deal learned in the process. Key amongst these gems is the dual finding that I have a better sense of what can be done as I go on and simultaneously entirely less sense on the matter of keeping it simple.

Animation ir-re-sistable 🙂

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