Assignment 1 – arranging twenty small paintings to make one large one

For this part of the assignment, we’re asked to arrange the twenty small paintings on white paper to make a large painting, and then to consider groupings. I used two A1 pieces of foam board temporarily held together with masking tape and propped on my easel.

The first arrangement goes from animals through fictional species, to space then place, and finally to Diana on her own as she always seemed to be despite the crowds.

The second arrangement is more pragmatic – it’s the ones I’ve put into my desktop and Alexa wallpaper folders. The rejects are down the right hand side.

The rejects suffer a number of faults which range from over worked to just plain tedious, while the wallpaper selection is meaningful, colourful, dramatic or, in the case of the Avatar image, came as a total shock by simply being recognisable.

Other arrangements might be according to style – line to tone, black and white to colour, for instance – but what strikes me most is that I doubt there is any consistent personal voice that would tag me to all of them as a group. I’m choosing to view this as a good thing at this stage because the early exercises for this first part of UPM are about experimenting with different combinations of media and I’ve taken that through to the assignment. This plus the constraints of scale must be almost predictive of a disruption of comfortable ways of working and perhaps that is the point. If so, it’s a good one because I’ve used media in ways I might never have considered before and I know I’ll be taking that learning with me as I move on in this course.

Here they are ‘in the wild’ as it were, pegged to brown string across the window.

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