Post-assignment work

This belongs here because of its relatedness. Made on an 8″ x 10″ re-purposed canvas board but extending beyond its margins it comprises the corrugated packaging designed to protect the fragile contents of a parcel which I’ve stained with acrylic paints, including metallic bronze, copper, and gold. I’m not sure how it arose other than a drive to use a piece of this packaging, but as it developed it had a feel of something that was precious but also trapped and almost forgotten about, a situation expressed by a number of people whose shielding status has been lifted as though there is no longer any threat. Today I made my first trip to the village shop since mid-March and, queuing outside, masked and ready, I found myself being pursued in slow motion by an elderly woman who kept moving forwards as we spoke. I moved quietly back and she moved forwards again, all the time acknowledging the two metre rule which, in practice, seemed to escape her.

eyes full sizeResizerImage crop no background1411X1058



I had to make a video.

Photos taken on iPhone8 and imported into Filmore9 by Wondershare for processing. Audio tracks are a drum clip from Magix Music Maker’s free selection slowed down, and my own recording of sparrows in the garden speeded up. There is no end to the kinds of sounds it’s possible to make starting with simple clips of, for instance, a dripping tap, one chime from a garden wind-chime, the creak of a door, or a washing machine about to start its spin cycle. Not just a rabbit hole, it’s an entire warren!

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