Project 4, part 2, exercise 1 – quick sketches around the house

This calls for standing and holding an A4 sketchbook while making quick sketches in four different directions from a central point. It was always going to be difficult, my cluttered surroundings being the least of the problems. For various reasons, I can’t hold a sketchbook of any size still while I draw in it, and my vision is such that I can see either what I’m drawing or what I’m drawing it on. So these are the epitome of loose and almost qualify as exercises in drawing blind. I post them here for the record. The seated versions are more likely to be recognisable but, if past experience is any guide, a little too tight so I will need to watch that.

These are the seated sketches. A little less complicated by the need to hold the pad still. It turned out I had little trouble keeping that looseness!

I’ve used black conte this time which I find really stops me picking away at detail, and I’ve discovered, I think, that primitive as these sketches seem, they give me a feel for the elements in a space and where they exist there.


I didn’t find an actual image here for the next exercise, a simple interior perspective , but one definitely emerged.

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