Work in progress or am I done here?

img_2145This is a piece of course work. An exercise concerning materials, although I’m not completely sure whether that refers to materials in view or in use. I’ve covered both bases – wood, fabric, glass in the frame; oil crayons, charcoal, inks, and a variety of implements to scrape and scratch at the layers for texture, a bit like sgraffito.

The base is cartridge paper prepared with a layer of gesso which I’ve textured to reflect the materials in view, and the colours come from layering the various media, blending, scratching, and generally shoving the media about.

So, am I done? I’m not sure, tomorrow may bring another onslaught with new range of artistic weaponry!

4 thoughts on “Work in progress or am I done here?

  1. I see why you are asking yourself the question. This is a lovely piece of art, but what could be missing (I hate this phrase) is a center of interest? Maybe, ask yourself what bit you could not leave out–then give it a little color or texture difference? –Just a thought. Don’t let me interfere with your own process!


      1. I agree: they are never finished. When the artist is exhausted. . .that’s time to sign and put it away! (I stole that from some great renaissance figure. With a small addition.)

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