I’m planning on eating this soon so today was the day for another go at Part 2, Project 2, Exercise 1 – still life using line. I had a bit of an epiphany in the last few days, the whole deal coming over me fully articulated and with supporting evidence from artists I could refer to and name. Sadly it was last thing at night and I’ve forgotten most of it but the ripples are there and I guess it will come back. In my experience, once those tremors get started, there’s no stopping them.

So I tackled the still life using lines with minimal shading (none actually) and a selection of pencils. I’d gained the impression from somewhere I can’t now pinpoint that this should be single colour but I couldn’t find it and I’ve become a fan of my coloured pencils. They’re on A4 though, rather than A3 as I wanted the choice of background and texture sugar paper offers (another new discovery).

The photos interest me too because my iPhone produces quite different kinds of images when it’s adjusting for light conditions and I really like the way the colours are brightened in the closer focus pictures.


Slate is really difficult, especially on a black ground. I liked layering up the coloured lines though, there’s more colour in slate than seems obvious – blue and purple if you get it at the right angle to the light, then the flat grey and tiny shiny edges.



Behold, the levitating vegetable! I’d been aiming to make the paper ‘be’ the carrot, but then recalled the brief – line and form – so lines it was. Didn’t quite ground it though!


I’m glad I know this is a carrot because, at this focus, it looks quite like one of those grubs with the circular mouth-parts designed to grab on and feed off an unwitting host. I’m either thinking of a tapeworm or those things in Dune. Fat little critter, anyway, and more work required to bring out its carrotness.


My white ink arrived today but I didn’t have the courage to break it open. I think I need a particular subject for that so I may have to wait until one occurs to me. Or just do it.

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