New pencils

Prismacolour and Derwent Inktense. Trial run on mauve sugar paper because why make it easy!


Above is the prismacolour which I can’t quite bring myself to spell without a ‘u’ and how petty is that! I wasn’t too impressed with these at the start but actually the colours stand out pretty well, given the fibrous nature of the paper. I like the way the white really does come up bright and sharp.

Below, with the other bird looming above like a predator, is the Derwent Inktense which, admittedly, is a medium that benefits from adding water. Not on this paper though which is too absorbent so there’s no chance for it to swim and move.


Beyond the Trial by Pencil, there’s the use of lines. I believe I’m getting better at this – or at least less hesitant at working with a pointed instrument rather than the blunter less contained charcoal/conte type. Strange, because I’d never used either of those before starting this course and suddenly became wedded to them. I’ve found I make marks by ‘tickling’ the paper; holding the pencil quite loosely and letting it trail in the general direction of the shape I’m after. Tickling and trickling might be what’s happening here!

As a side issue, the light in this part of the house (well, most of it actually) is a little weird with a large window in front, a French window to the side into the conservatory, and a skylight above, and the main light (hardly ever used) is one of those that mimics a yellow/orange burning flame light. The bright light I use for drawing and for taking photos of the work is a daylight replicator for reading and other close work in reduced lighting conditions, going by the snappy title of garden mile® Natural Daylight Simulating Floor Standing Lamp Goose Neck High Vision Lighting Reading Hobby Craft SAD Light 27w Energy Saving White Lamp. I got mine from Amazon; it looks disturbingly like one of those things from War of the Worlds.


This is a small, metal, articulated fish. I used to wear it on a thread of coloured raffia as a necklace. The first image is the Prismacolour, and the second, Derwent.



The Prismacolour is quite bright but I think Derwent edges ahead on white cartridge and I like how the pencil marks are retained even when water is added. Cheated with the eyes though, there’s a dab of white gouache on each of them!

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