Parallel perspective

Supposedly easier than the angular variety but oh no! I seriously needed to get the white crayon out to make those lines explicit so IĀ could eventually come up with this. It’s oil crayon on A1 cartridge that I’d pre-prepped with acrylic gesso, using brush strokes that would create the textures of the objects in the picture. There’s also some ink, pastel, and a lot of blending, and scratching with a stylus. Quite a work out! Some of the prep images are below.   Continue reading Parallel perspective

Part 3 project 4 exercise 1 – parallel perspective

Parallel perspective is the one that goes straight down the middle of the ‘page’ towards a vanishing point somewhere uncomplicatedly just ahead. The task is to draw an interior and, as luck would have it, I already did. It formed part of a series of indoor sketches and I chose to develop one of those on A2 cartridge. These were 5-10 minute round-the-house sketches; quick and dirty, as it were. I used Prisma colour pencils for this first one. This is white charcoal on pink sugar paper, looking through the doorway at my sofa. White charcoal again on purple sugar … Continue reading Part 3 project 4 exercise 1 – parallel perspective