Painting Practice #1

My focus for this is Rift – geological, political, metaphorical. The work is a development of the digital/physical hybrids I made in earlier exercises and projects, and also as part of my personal painting that had no connection to that until this idea began to form. The first is almost entirely dependent on digital ‘post production’ in that an original painting in acrylics passed through Paintshop Pro, Rebelle 5 Pro, Flamepainter, and PhotoMirage to become the first Rift. The second is, in very many ways, more rooted in the physical and also represents an extension of my video making skills. … Continue reading Painting Practice #1

So here I am on my third OCA module

At the time of writing, I have one module in for assessment and the final tutorial for the second is scheduled for tomorrow. I’m not sure what to expect from UPM but if my past experience is any guide, I’ll throw tantrums at it till about halfway through Part 1 and then, when I’ve grasped the new expectations, run away with it like a kid in a theme park.  And because I’ve developed an aversion to posts with no pictures, I’ve imported one from PoP to keep things ticking over.   Continue reading So here I am on my third OCA module