Addressing formative feedback

This session happened a little while ago and so I have had time to reduce detail to concept, although the detail I had requested – whether OCA used an absolute measure for essay word count or the more usual +/- 10% (it’s the latter) – was a welcome one that needed no reduction. Some points, the matter of ethics in research for instance, have become redundant for now as I have decided against running a survey at the forthcoming art trail. My sense is that the logistics of the setting may not be conducive. Another, relating to a discussion about … Continue reading Addressing formative feedback

Response to assignment 1 tutorial discussion -influences

There were two stand-out elements to this discussion and the formative feedback that followed. The first was very clear support for the digital process, whether via painting/photo editing apps or animation and film, and that development of expertise here would count towards assessment of technique and range of media investigated. The second related to the notion of influences. I have never been conscious of influences in any sphere of academic application or practice; which is not to say there have been none, it simply means I have most likely absorbed the gestalt of the influence(r) and forgotten the rest. I … Continue reading Response to assignment 1 tutorial discussion -influences

Formative feedback for assignment 2

My main takeaway from this was that my sense of developing a personal voice is not a delusion and that I’ve succeeded in upping my game with regard to the research elements. I think the latter is due to growing into the subject matter and I’m very glad I put this module on hold until I had finished the Drawing module because that was really the place some elements fell into place.  I found a ‘buddy’ who was also struggling with this new vocabulary and had no background in any sort of historical or artistic canon and we have nudged … Continue reading Formative feedback for assignment 2