Part 4, research point 2 – the Golden Mean

From the course notes:  [Essentially] the Golden Mean is a proportion in which a straight line or rectangle is divided into two unequal parts in such a way that the ratio of the smaller to the greater part is the same as the ratio of the greater part to the whole This site (Maths is Fun) describes the Golden Mean and its relationship to Fibonacci numbers thus: … just like we naturally get seven arms when we use 0.142857 (1/7), we tend to get Fibonacci Numbers when we use the Golden Ratio. Maths is Fun,B Sometime last year, watching … Continue reading Part 4, research point 2 – the Golden Mean

Part 5: Personal Project – expanding on sketches #2

With yesterday’s A1 composite sketch taped up on the window, and another sheet of A1 prepped with black gesso, two A4 sheets of cartridge prepped with white gesso and glued into the places where I needed a white ground to bring out the colours, I began another version. The instructions say ‘any medium’ so, not having used paint at all in this module and noting that, quite clearly, artists draw with paint or what else are they doing, I broke out the acrylics. The difference for me in doing this now from before I began this course is that I … Continue reading Part 5: Personal Project – expanding on sketches #2

Fibonacci’s spiral and the Golden Ratio

I have never quite ‘got’ Fibonacci because I have never needed to but a recent image brought it right into focus. In the absence of real world moving models to draw, I’ve been using the live stream from NASA’s JPL laboratory where they’re building the 2020 Mars lander, and while everyone is dressed in white one piece coveralls, boots, hoods, and masks, they move, they gesture, they bend and stretch, climb and curl up into small spaces. Two days ago they formed a tableau that reminded me of a piece of classic art but I couldn’t recall what it was. … Continue reading Fibonacci’s spiral and the Golden Ratio