Side project – copy a Degas

Animation with audio. This one lost its soundtrack in Instagram and thence Facebook, the one below didn’t. The difference? A track by someone who knew what they were doing (but which wasn’t subject to licence) versus a DIY job by me using Magix Music Maker.

The text on each of these is intended to bring the painting into the 21st century.

The animation was made in MotionLeap for iPad, the video with audio in Filmora10, the audio for the first video was provided by Epidemic Sounds, copyright free and subject only to Creative Commons licence which recognises fair use, and the track for the second video was made in Magix Music Maker by putting together, clipping, cutting, and fading, a number of clips from their suite of instruments.


Sometimes I just need to break out of a planned route and go off piste. At this point in the execution of the final assignment for UPM, I’ve a) had about enough of cartridge and building work, conservatories and mud, and b) I can’t do the last pair of paintings until there’s been another step towards completion which will give me a different configuration of the micro-landscape. So I’ve begun a copy/interpretation of Degas’ The Star’ (1880).

Whilst I have some misgivings about his propensity to lurk in the dressing rooms of young girls, a view not without substance according to Greer (2009) in her article for the Guardian, I’ve long been drawn to the way he depicts the lightness and fuzzy fragility of the nets and tulles of the dresses, and the way the dancers hold themselves both when performing and when backstage. And from the age of four…

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