Side project – FauxKusama

“Bring on Picasso, bring on Matisse, bring on anybody! I would stand up to them all with a single polka dot!” — Yayoi Kusama She wasn’t kidding. Kusama’s oeuvre comprises intensely detailed but repetitive patterns or aggregations of single style brush strokes, although she has also exhibited furniture and household objects covered in individually stitched phalluses, and latterly some rather stunning 3D installations. In these painting, the marks didn’t have to be identical, in fact some were impasto within a sea of lower profile strokes, and she used these to make nets, sometimes adding colour to the spaces in between. I … Continue reading Side project – FauxKusama

Side project – paint a Rothko

Again this is prompted by the Coursera course on abstract art. I baulked at Pollock and de Kooning, both of them a little too unconstrained for my circumstances, but thought this would be a doddle. It wasn’t and I had a day of muddy failures on an 8″ x 10″ canvas board. In addition to lack of actual skill, the key issues seemed likely to be the medium and the support – his oils (with linseed and turpentine) on canvas, mine acrylics on a small canvas board with pva glue and some medium that slows drying. So after a day … Continue reading Side project – paint a Rothko