Made by Wildlife – full circle

I made a painting based on a piece of cartridge left outside for wildlife to make their own marks on. After recording it for this module, I pinned it to the door of the garden shed and took photographs of it once a month to document any changes. It was remarkably robust for the whole summer but then suffered ignominy during an October storm. After a night of wind, rain, and wild goings on outdoors, it ended up back on the ground again. Continue reading Made by Wildlife – full circle

Titanium White v Mixing White

I bought some mixing white after seeing a video in which it was used but by the time I came to think about it again, I’d forgotten its purpose – how was it different, and why use it? This video explains: Titanium white is opaque and mutes and ‘pastelises’ a pigment while mixing white brightens the colour of the mixed pigment, maintains the colour saturation, and only subtly tints it. This is my unscientific experiment: Brightening, retaining saturation, being less opaque – this sounds like an ideal wash, whereas the alternative sounds more like robust coverage. ___ Mixing white vs … Continue reading Titanium White v Mixing White

Paula Rego – BBC video and Gompertz review of exhibition

Dame Paula Rego: Will Gompertz reviews Obedience and Defiance show in Milton Keynes. BBC News, Entertainment and Arts, June 2019 I’ve just watched the BBC’s 2017 documentary, Secrets and Stories, on Rego (which is due to expire in twelve days from now but just in case of a reprieve, this is the link and found my first speculations about the deeper issues referred to in short biographies to be both justified and deepened. Being born in Portugal into a world in which fascism and repression – particularly of women – meant much of what was real in terms … Continue reading Paula Rego – BBC video and Gompertz review of exhibition

Videos, documentaries

This is likely to be a constantly updating page of listings and reviews. I’ve taken it from my Drawing blog and will probably run them in tandem. Abstract: the art of design. Abstract: the art of design. Netflix 2017. This is a documentary series featuring designers/architects/artists operating in different commercial arenas. It’s easy to imagine that slick, polished adverts, stark photographic portraits, or magazine front covers, just get there through some act of private genius. But even though extraordinary talent is clearly a factor, so also is a work ethic that requires constant exploration of what’s required, rehearsal of skills, … Continue reading Videos, documentaries