John Cage – As Slow As Possible

I need a new category; I’m going to call it ‘dressing up box’. As a kid I had one of those – an old suitcase actually – full of bits of material and cast-offs, rejects to everyone but a child in the 1950s with no access to Toys (were) Us. One of the rejects was a bright purple table cloth my dad brought back from his time in India during WWII. It was embroidered with silver wire thread, and totally unwashable which meant it never saw a table. My mother complained that he’d brought bananas for her sister, although how … Continue reading John Cage – As Slow As Possible

The Lonely Palette

I came to this podcast somewhere in the middle following a recommendation and I’ve been working my way through the rest because they are superb. New to the whole art history malarkey, my co-student and I, both of us with more science in our lives than art, were floundering around in what seemed to be impenetrable verbiage about paintings we’d never heard of. It all seemed so far removed from what we both understood, and it used language that was unfamiliar – some of it language we thought we already owned but that seemed to have been re-purposed. Left to … Continue reading The Lonely Palette

Bisa Butler quilts

Sometimes you look at something and absolutely wish you’d been the one who made it. These are quilts depicting black men, women, and children ‘whose stories were forgotten or overlooked’. Bisa Butler is essentially a portrait artist who uses fibers and quilting as a medium according to My Modern Met’s Sara Barnes (6th Feb 2020), and it’s spectacular. Perhaps the colours take me back to the vibrancy of the 60s; but if they do, these are the 60s grown up and giving a population of people, allowed at the time and for many years since, only to be niche, their … Continue reading Bisa Butler quilts