Bisa Butler quilts

Sometimes you look at something and absolutely wish you’d been the one who made it. These are quilts depicting black men, women, and children ‘whose stories were forgotten or overlooked’. Bisa Butler is

essentially a portrait artist who uses fibers and quilting as a medium

according to My Modern Met’s Sara Barnes (6th Feb 2020), and it’s spectacular.

woman in equestrian dress
The Equestrian, 2019. Bisa Butler. Image clipped from My Modern Met 12th February 2020.

Perhaps the colours take me back to the vibrancy of the 60s; but if they do, these are the 60s grown up and giving a population of people, allowed at the time and for many years since, only to be niche, their full stature and dignity. You can see the rest on the website but if you’re really lucky you can see them in Butler’s exhibition The Storm, the Whirlwind and the Earthquake at the Claire Oliver Gallery in New York from February 29 to April 18, 2020.


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