Exhibition in the wild – Artivive in an underpass

Exploring Media

In the language of science, this is a ‘proof of concept’ trial whereby I’m testing the viability of linking graffiti in the underpass of the local bypass to paintings with their own embedded video activate via the Artivive app. My first attempt dropped a sci fi horror from the underside of the bridge onto the pathway in front of the viewer and it quickly struck me that this might so alarm some people that they would never use that route again, or possibly walk under a bridge. This is a public space.

Removed – this is a public space so I am taking care to place material that will not frighten or offend.

This too has been removed due to its political message which would be provocative to many in the locality.

Proms. This has a ‘floating’ appearance and I’m reminded that there’s a 3D option to positioning material on…

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