What wasn’t on the art trail

There are things you can take and things you can’t, and it depends on the location and the nature of the event.

An art trail is not an exhibition, it is essentially a market, and so what goes on display has to suit the kinds of people who might be coming and hopefully be in the mood to buy.

I judged this to be potentially upsetting to some viewers is it’s about the loss of a much loved pet. The image is burned into my memory as I was at the vet’s at the same time as this elderly couple and their old dog. A black and white version of this painting will accompany the poem from which the text is drawn. The book is Talk to me about when we were perfect by Amanda Huggins. Published by Victorina Press c 2022.
Other Worlds. This painting no longer exists in physical form but is probably too dark for trail material. My original text.
Blue Passports. This has quite a strong political message and political messages are not really what art trails are about. Something like this is exhibition or informed purchase material, I think. Artivive enabled.

Bit dark and spooky and about surveillance sparked by watching animals on a live stream from the desert and reading a query about whether they can see us. They can’t but what if ..?

Glitch. This doesn’t exist in physical form although the colours might appeal. I can’t say there is any sort of message though.

One of my Rift pieces, this one being the gap between an idealised view of the countryside and animals, and the reality of why they’re there. It’s called Toy Town. Artivive enabled.

Also a rift piece, this represents the Partition of India in 1947, one of Britain’s scandalous applications of remnant empire views of what’s good for people who aren’t ‘us’. Artivive enabled.

This is the Red Wall which collapsed to the Conservatives in 2019 (UK) but is being rebuilt in 2022 with the political scandal that is the current cabinet. As a theme, it would probably not work well with the prevailing politics in some places. Artivive enabled.

There is no physical piece for this. Originally, it was a clip of a larger piece made to accompany the poem Single Shot by Tom Meehan in the anthology A Christmas Canzonette, 2021 published by The Linnet’s Wings. It’s quite shocking. Was Artivive enabled, can be again.
This is a composite of several small pieces on paper that detail entrapment and abuse. Probably not suitable for a summer stroll around a craft market! Five Things That Are True and Six That Are Not is my original piece of flash fiction.

Artivive enabled means that this image, when viewed through the Artivive app, will call up the associated video. The contract between me and a buyer is that it will remain enabled for at least two years from purchase and/or until there have been no views for a further year. This is subject to Artivive’s survival as a business and my capacity to maintain an account with them.

All work is copyrighted to me.

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