Artivive in the wild!

AR opens up so many possibilities for inclusivity; making art less mysterious in that inaccessible, ‘not for me’ kind of way it often seems. Last night a four year old boy had what might be his first experience of art, looking at my painting through the Artivive app and singing along to Jingle Bells. No ‘appreciation’ necessary.

Strayfish Arts

I’ve mentioned the Artivive app before – it’s an app that calls up video hosted on their site and linked to a specific image. For now, it’s mostly used in galleries where lighting and connectivity are generally good. I used it for my contribution to our lane’s Advent Window fundraiser (for the local school) whereby one window a night is ‘unveiled’ and then stays lit for the rest of Christmas, which meant viewing in the dark from the garden in a village where mobile signals aren’t always great. It was a big test and it passed!

Artivive has a torch facility for low light conditions, and also allows for live viewing 10 second video bursts. This video shows the demo and includes one of them:

And here’s the full video without the in vivo bursts:

Original painting, animation in MotionLeap, additional graphics and audio in Filmora10. Audio via Epidemic Sounds…

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