Parallel project – Mitigation

This is a series of images showing examples of positive anthroposcenery – landscapes in which human intervention has mitigated some of the effects of our previous casual destruction and neglect of our ecosystem. Each full sized static image is hosted on Artivive so that scanning with the Artivive app brings up its video.

The Adur recreation ground.

Adur recreation ground which has been given over in part to wild flowers. Link to development work.

The Loch Arkaig Osprey nest

The Loch Arkaig nest supported by the Woodland Trust in a project to re-establish breeding colonies of Osprey. Link to development work.

Loch Arkaig osprey, a new pairing.

The Adur Seal.

The Adur Harbour Seal, frequently found several miles up river due to the improved biodiversity of the tidal flow. Link to development work.

There will be some ruthless editing later; that or another post.

Navy Seal.

The Adur Harbour seal, painted after a photo by Barbara Laker (local resident). Link to development work.

Link to development work

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