Filmora Pro – video tutorials by fast talking fellas

It’s been a while since I bought Filmora Pro to expand my range of video options using original paintings, but it’s frustrated me so many times I’ve ended up using the much easier Filmora10. Sometimes, unable to find a simple function such as fading out an audio track, I’ve made an initial video in F10, executed the fade, then imported it to FPro for the rest. Bonkers.
So now I’m putting together a small library of video tutorials where I can find them and not end up down a rabbit hole of YouTube otter watch streams along the way.

Strayfish Arts

I use a couple of apps to make animations based on original art work. One is MotionLeap which lives in my iPad and has a range of presets you can adjust to your own requirements; and the other is Filmora from Wondershare which is a video editing suite. Filmora is more heavy duty than MotionLeap by a long way, especially the Pro version which I’ve been wrestling with since I bought it and which has defeated me several times.

So now I’m collecting YouTube tutorials for reference, and I’m finding them fast, furious, nerdy, and blokey but on the whole, when I can just slow them down a little, very handy. Welcome to my reservoir of geek.

This is the first one I found and the best to date.

The second video is a bit more focused and again helpful if you’re finding your way round.

This one is about…

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