Summer Assessment – student work from Painting and Drawing

Page from Studio Practice materials (c) OCA

Assessment runs in cycles and this is the Summer 2021 cohort. The bulk of the work shown is from first year (Level 1/HE4) students and gives an idea of the quality of work at even this stage. Add to this that everyone is working alone without a physical cohort, and often few facilities. Small spaces in a box room, the gap under the stairs, and in one case I know of, the back of a café, packing everything up each night to take home and bring back the next day. Most work around jobs, families, cats, and many other entities demanding attention. Producing anything that doesn’t have uninvited pawprints on it is a miracle.

There is a smaller cohort of Level 2 (HE5) students, some Level 3 (HE6) submissions, and two new graduates who show just what can happen after a course of study that can take up to nine full years to complete. They’re probably on the very longest of holidays right now!

Original PowerPoint made by Emma Drye, head of the painting and drawing department at OCA. Converted to MP4 in the Microsoft Save As option menu.

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