Adur landscape #2

I’ve used the last of the squint-eye sized boards* so now I am onto a slightly more manageable 16 x 9. This is a view slightly to the north of the previous scene.

Again I’ve prepped the surface with acrylic primer (gesso) and used willow charcoal to define the lines and stratified areas in the scene. Then I’ve picked out different areas with dilute washes of green, yellow, and a mix of burnt sienna and Naples yellow. There’s a wash of burnt sienna in the sky area too, along with the river. This will form a contrast layer under the blues, greens, and whites that come later.

The sky is taking shape now with a light wash of blue over the burnt sienna, but the other areas are in a state of re and de-construction to give them the underpinnings for the final shapes and tones. The trees will be the last features to reappear but I can see their shapes under the patches of green.

4th April.

More touches of charcoal to define the lines where they contain bright colours – a bit like stained glass – and some additional layers of colour to the river area at the bottom. The clumps of clay and grass tumbling into the river from the bank are like wedge-shaped pillars with shadows and highlights in odd places. I’m happy with the sky – that wash of burnt sienna has really softened the tendency towards kitsch of the blue/white mix.

And here we are. I’ve found an interesting use for the new collection of fan brushes in fluffing out bright areas and dark areas of grass on the bank and in the foreground. To my eye, there’s a clear ‘best bit’ and that’ from the top edge down to the upper margin of the yellow field. Demands a crop.

Or this?

Crops, or moments as my tutor** describes them (probably to differentiate something passable from the largely unremarkable!) can make good prints and cards and I think I’m getting better at spotting them.

Probably won’t be able to resist a video.


5th April, couldn’t resist a video: Puddles Like Pillows

Things began disappearing round about March. Just little things – a newspaper left on a bench, or a sandwich wrapper – and not blown away or tumbled into a corner, just gone. We shrugged collectively: so rubbish vanished – was that even a problem? Then somebody caught an empty beer can in the act and started squawking about it; how it went, like, straight up in the air, man, he said. Wasted, the rest of us said, because he wore big trainers and a hoodie. But almost overnight, YouTube was stuffed with videos of everything from paper clips to small toys vanishing into the sky. Just the ones left outside, mind; the ones indoors stayed put, same as always.” Art work, short story, narration, and video (c) suzanne conboy-hill

Can’t resist a second video: Spectacular Flights of Whales

“Whether it was the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning, or something else entirely turned out to be immaterial. After a short interlude during which astronomers reported a slight increase in background radiation and sunsets appeared rather more purple than usual, the sky turned green and filled up with fish.” Read the story here.

And here’s the video of the whole painting because why not?

Animated in MotionLeap.


*I just found six more of the little blighters.

**Open College of the Arts, accredited by the University of the Creative Arts.

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