MoMA Drawing-a-Day challenge, Day 4

Coming up to a year since our first lockdown and over a year since I met with friends, visited another town, or went to a shop, I’m painting pebbles again. Last year, I made them to brighten up the lane for people passing by, and for them to take home if they wanted to. I put up bunting through the branches of one of my trees and strung it across my path. That’s still there – or a third version of it is – along with some solar lights that were of very little use in the winter but are coming into their own now there’s some actual sol.

Now I’m painting more pebbles; bright green and yellow with gold sweeps and ‘filigree’ on the top surface to bring in the spring.

Soft pastels with finger blending and acrylic pen. Drawing anything on top of soft pastel is ridiculously hard – it masks the surface, creates even more dust, bungs up whatever pointed instrument you’re drawing with, and generally behaves uncooperatively as though really you, the artist, should regard it as enough in and of itself. Precious, I call it.

I’ve been on my own there in MoMAland but someone popped in to say hello yesterday evening. No more drawings though so my claim to a one-person MoMA exhibition must surely be in the bag.

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