Part 4, Assignment 4 – interior in tondo format

I made the decision to submit this piece as the assignment. Above is the version digitally contained in a black surround using Paintshop Pro. The raw images are below. None has been digitally enhanced.

The developmental process, including early stages and commentary, are in this post but to summarise, I think I have managed to avoid over-working, I believe too that I’ve applied paint in a way that reflects both Kim Baker’s modern vanitas style in terms of brush stroke and palette but doesn’t copy it, and I think by building on a technique I employed for out of necessity for a personal project, I’ve produced something more ambitious than I might otherwise have achieved. I think also I have been a bit more successful in relating my work to influences by other artists, something I always find difficult because it rarely occurs to me to look for that. [see Formative feedback post for a more detailed discussion].

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