Research 2 – monotype portraits

The course notes say to look at how these artists arrange their series’ of portraits before making an arrangement of my own monoprint portraits.

Yuko Nasu I really don’t know what to make of these pieces of work. There is something gross and horrific about the way Nasu deals with mouths and eyes – swirling and hollowing them as though they’re worm holes full of disintegrated matter on its way to another universe, or a drain with circling fluid at its entrance. Why is this notable? What makes it ‘good’ art such that it merits such high prices? I’m at a loss really.

Luc Tuymans Tuymans makes his work from film and photographs, often of places and people of significance.

 “If you ask people to remember a painting and a photograph, their description of the photograph is far more accurate than that of the painting,” he has explained. “There is a physical element intertwined with the painting. It shakes loose an emotional element within the viewer.” 

Artnet. [online] Available at Accessed 9th October 2020.

These are quite profound paintings and, to me, seem to hint at a protective layer of glass or perspex between them and us – a distancing maybe that might evoke a sense of unacknowledgment at the time of the event, because who intervenes at the beginning? Who notices before it’s too late? The ones I’ve seen are muted pieces; colours silenced almost and the faces blurred, trapped. These are paintings aiming to affect us, to ask us to notice next time and not let it happen again.

Chantal Joffe–BAWSlImkSYrq9znU59vHFiyRoCWfQQAvD_BwE. In complete contrast, these are quite jolly little pieces. They have the look of ideal photographs; snaps in which the subject was caught at exactly the right moment and not pulling a face or looking the wrong way. They’re also plainly not photographs, they’re paintings – loose and delicate but not precious, not detailed or constrained. Quite fun really.

Unfortunately none of the links I’ve found have shown me examples of arrangements by any of the artists so it’s impossible to interrogate their choices. Luckily, my series is quite obvious and runs from the ludicrous to the essential in a threesome of masks.

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