Assessment Level 4, November 2020 – images

Angry COVID Face

Angry COVID Face. Acrylics on A2 paper

Wrong PPE

Wrong PPE. Acrylics on duck cotton, 48×76 cm

The Hub Cafe

The Hub Cafe. Acrylics on A3 paper.

A Bend in the Adur

A Bend in the Adur. Acrylics on 45×45 cm corrugated packing card.

Tin Pots Hill

Tin Pots Hill. Acrylics on A1 duck cotton.

Recreation Ground

Recreation Ground. Acrylics on canvas, 45×36 cm

Klimt’s Gold Recreation Ground

Klimt’s Gold Recreation Ground. Acrylics on canvas 45×36 cm.

Trapped Landscape

Trapped Landscape. Acrylics on brown packing paper, approx A1. a shadow of the view from the window appears within the body of the lock on the left.


Mask. Acrylics, string, and packing material on brown packing paper. Approx A1.

Eyes On – a commentary on people’s perceptions of being hidden and suppressed by mask-wearing.

Eyes On. Acrylics and shredded protective packing material on 20×25.5 cm re-cycled canvas board mounted on A1 white card.

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