Part 4, project 3, exercise 4 – energy

This task is very much about movement and the use of gesture. I found some suitable images via a Google search and made sure I used quick strokes to execute the flow of movement in each. I will also admit to discarding two tango dancers but may go back to them so as not to be defeated.

This is a man running for a bus. I’ve used an inktense block and water to make the flow of his clothing and fluidity of his limbs.


This is white inktense pencil on black cartridge although the camera hasn’t represented that well. This man is in the midst of a full flight jump although from his expression I wasn’t sure if he was enjoying it.


Lavender shade of soft pastel for wrestling. I quite enjoyed this one.


I think drawing movement suits me better than the more static poses requiring detail. I like the freedom gestural marks give me to make an impression of an action rather than to document an account of it. I also like the rapidity – these took no more than a few minutes each – because this militates against obsessive attention to small parts at the expense of the whole.


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