Abstract: the art of design – a Netflix series



Trailer for the 2017 Netflix series. Accessed 8th August 2019.

This is a documentary series featuring designers/architects/artists operating in different commercial arenas. It’s easy to imagine that slick, polished adverts, stark photographic portraits, or magazine front covers, just get there through some act of private genius. But even though extraordinary talent is clearly a factor, so also is a work ethic that requires constant exploration of what’s required, rehearsal of skills, inquiry, and intellectual framing of the problem to be solved. These are people who don’t wait for the ideas to come, they create the environment to maximise those chances. I found myself fascinated by the design of trainers (really, me, trainers?) and cars, buildings and fonts, and the subtle dance around knowing what the client wants but simultaneously manoeuvring them towards wanting a much better thing.

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