Part 3 project 5 exercise 3 – limited palette townscape

Oh dear! Well, I haven’t got the perspective much (any) better but I’ve achieved a limited palette drawing of the townscape I struggled with in the previous exercise. This version at least delivered a bit of texture from the application of conte over dried watercolour pencil and I like that.



I strongly suspect that, if I set this aside and then drew it from memory, the perspective issue would resolve itself because it would be a processed and simplified image. Challenge? Well I said it so I’d better deliver!

3rd May – I’ve done my thing with a monochrome image, feeling out the perspective lines and then drawing them on a separate sheet.


I’ve also simplified the content, used sweeping applications of medium where detail doesn’t matter, and picked out detail with a sharpened piece of conte where I think it does. A suggestion of brick work for instance, or fencing. One of the posts is channeling its inner Pisa still!


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