Angular perspective

I sometimes think angular momentum might be easier and I don’t even know what that means – sling shots round the sun to blast through the Kuiper Belt? Anyway, whatever sort of perspective you need to deliver, it’s going to involve a vanishing point, lines that, at root, are parallel, and an eye that knows how to see things side on. I don’t do any of that naturally. Nor do I make easy sense of lots of lines. These tasks are a flippin’ nightmare!

I’ve had to do two: parallel perspective which is the one that goes straight ahead and vanishes at the horizon, and angular which crosses diagonally from one corner to the other (more or less) before disappearing off the page.

This one’s angular and based on a photo I took of a lively sea at Brighton a few years ago. I’d used prints of a photo I took some years ago in Brighton (see below) to get a feel for the lines, then I found I liked the way the offset worked with one intruding on the other so I made the drawing reflect that.


This is just charcoal on A2 cartridge with a bit of biro (spot the wee scrape of Brighton’s trademark green!) and I reckon it will do for now. Nothing’s ever perfect and this is far from it. If I do it again, I’d loose those rails in the mid-ground – they look like a farm fence!



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