Project 3, exercise 1 sketch 1 tonal study on white ground

I’ve had several goes on the Drawing course at this watering can and I’m having several more shots at it here. These constitute work towards Project 3, working on different coloured grounds. This is the first: charcoal on A3 white cartridge. Major success is getting all of it in the frame for the first time!

Giorgio Morandi whose name I will forever confuse with Moroder, or Monbiot.

I’ve latched onto his work because of its tonal qualities which might apply to this exercise. No harsh lines, completely blended and calm. It reminds me of ice cream. Also, it’s realism without being photographic and his compositions are almost linear, there’s no fancy footwork in how these objects are arranged. I wondered, given his life has spanned two world wars, whether this smooth stillness was his way of expressing stability and light when the prevailing mood would have been dark, chaotic, and violent.

Finger-blended charcoal. No lines. Serendipitous charcoal dust very handy and worth actually creating.
Beaten metal cockrill watering can and small metal bird. Charcoal layers with reductive areas.

I drew this first from the rear. Only when I took the photo did I realise how the filler opening presented itself! Quickly obliterated it with a layer of black charcoal; it deserves its dignity!

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