Self portrait

Flipping through the drawing course folder I came across the horrifying prospect of having to deliver a self portrait. I’ve never drawn anyone else before, other than the life models at art college over 50 years ago, so the idea of drawing myself turned me cold. At least I knew how to keep myself still – a photograph. But heck, that meant a selfie and I detest those too but it was going to have to happen. I decided to get some practice in so naturally I went for a large-ish canvas and slapped a layer of gesso on it. Texture; had to have texture. And a base colour because everyone on Sky Arts seems to start with a brown wash of some sort. I know, it’s supposed to be drawing but I’m beginning to lose sight of the distinction.

It’s taken a while but I finished (if one ever does) the piece today. I’ve posted its narrative on my Strayfish Arts blog but I’m going to leave a couple of markers here until they’re required for the course.

Here’s the first.


A representative from somewhere in the middle.



And the last. Yes, that’s cling film.


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