Sketch book: Schiele, Degas, and Celmins

After watching Bryan Eccleston’s description of his (not a)sketch book, I felt freed up to start adding a few more cut-and-paste pieces in mine.


These are photos from a couple of my books and some screen clips from a Research Point recommendation, Vija Celmins: Degas because of the contrast with Paula Rego (whose work I prefer, at least in terms of her style if not always the content); Schiele because of his lines which are so spare and still so descriptive (again, style but not content), and Celmins because of her obsessive approach to detailing in these photorealistic pieces. It’s a style I can admire but I find somewhat dead, like a butterfly pinned to a board. Maggie Hambling is much more to my taste with her wild, almost furious, paintings of seas.

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