From fire screen to fantasy citadel with a massive guard frog

Journey of a still life assignment.

I never made sketches prior to painting, and every drawing had to be perfect. Come the OCA course and it’s all change. The video above shows some of the stages in the making of the final piece that will go for assessment next week. There could be more; like writing (and why did I not make this connection?), every version is a draft, nothing is ever finished, but at some point you have to let it go. I’ve enjoyed doing this; drifting and shaping gesso on black cartridge, inking and scraping, scratching with oil crayons, dotting with fineliner, blending and reducting charcoal (that frog), and lifting the tiny thumb pot just a tad out of the background. There are sketchbook experiments, and two versions, on A3 and A2 cartridge, of the drawing. Wonderfully messy!

Didn’t like the brick work – a real jolt out of the fantasy.


Brick work begone.


Couple of sketches of the screen detail and the thumb pot just to get a feel of them. I made that pot at school for ‘O’ Level pottery; fair to say it’s getting on a bit!



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