Sketch book: Henry Moore’s sheep and Found Art

I’ve been seeing others on the course doing delightful scribble drawings and so I thought I’d give that a try. I have a copy of Henry Moore’s sketchbook of sheep and these are copied from that. The one on the left looks a little more woolly cow than sheep, and the other has a shade of dog in its face but on the whole I’m quite pleased with how they came out – especially as I’d become rather used to sketching (for exercise 2 of project 4) without my close vision glasses and forgot to put them on. Maybe this is the way forward!


3rd February. I don’t like waste so whatever medium I have left over, whether its glaze or gesso or acrylic, gets slapped onto whatever unused surface is nearest. In this case it’s a mix of inks (blue, black, and orange) I’d been using for a course project brushed onto two pages of a sketchbook. Once dry, I used biro (on the left) and white conte (on the right) to pull out shapes from the application. This revealed, or whatever unconscious process my head went through did, a fantasy signpost worthy of Terry Pratchett, and fruit in the company of a random bag. found-imagesmg_2143

Is there an art genre called ‘found’? There is in poetry. You take words or lines from one context and put them together to make a poem with its own message [see Wikipedia for an outline]. I found it a little difficult to take seriously:

A Found Poem: something Network Rail Lost Property won’t let you have back even if you can prove it’s yours and no one else wants it anyway.

But was obliged to write one anyway:

This reusable collapsible keychain straw will be
It reduced my tendency to eat unhealthy things
At lunch

These thirty minute courses can help you start developing
Games in unity
Muse measures your brainwaves in real time to give you feedback
A treat for your feet

Slip your fingers
It’s a tiny chance
Urgent. Please donate.

Drawn from Facebook ads and sponsored pages.

Somehow, found art feels less contrived and as it’s also edging towards physical recycling and waste reduction in a way that can’t really be said for those poems, I think I’m happier with the idea, even though, after a millisecond of searching I’ve discovered this which tells me found art exists as a genre and that I may have a bit of trouble with that too!


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