‘Art is Everywhere’

This has become an annual event with BBC 6 Music and in particular Maryanne Hobbs who has a knack of de-pomposifying [but never trivialising] the arts and artists. Let’s face it, much like literature, art can seem to get in its own way if the life is squeezed out of it by over-analytical thinking, by people making assumptions about what an artist’s motivations were within a given painting, or placing a construction on a piece of work that the artist can’t refute by virtue of being dead.

No such problem with the call for ‘art inspired by the words or music played over the period of the Art is Everywhere weekend’. Approaching the final countdown, I had ten minutes to make, photograph, resize for twitter, and post my contribution. I give you, ‘The Swimming Pool’.

swimming pool

Made in inks and a squidge of white gouache, this came from Emmy’s track, performed live, of Swimming Pool, itself inspired by Hockney’s many paintings of clear blue California pools. Mine draws on memories of school swimming lessons in Cleckheaton in the 1960s. I don’t know what was in that water, but it was murky green. Dettol maybe, or slime.



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